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To resurrect an old iBook... or not?

jcaputo1 -

iBook G3 12"

iBook G3 12" Display Inverter Replacement

iBook G3 12" Display Inverter Replacement

Very difficult

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When initially decommissioned, this iBook G3 14" had intermittent display backlight failure, seemingly tied to screen angle. After sitting in my office hooked up to an external display for several years (mostly sleeping), thinking about fixing it for my kids.

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Based on anecdotal evidence & other information on this site, I figured there was a good chance it was the display inverter. I figured $30 was a decent gamble, so I took the plunge. The process went very smoothly, thanks to the iFixit guide. However, no joy from the backlight. Now the million (well, hundred-) dollar question: is it worth it to try replacing the LCD, or am I better off sticking it in a closet and using it as a NAS/web server/proxy/etc ?

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The screw guide didn't seem to match what I was doing... not to worry, if you find that to be the case, just tape the screws to a sheet of paper in the order of the steps you follow in your guide, then reverse the order for re-assembly.

Oh... and don't forget to order a spudger... I hit "place order" too quickly and had to eat the shipping on a second order just for a spudger.

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