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Cracked Screen

shanischierholtz -

iPad 2 GSM

iPad 2 GSM Front Panel Assembly

iPad 2 GSM Front Panel Assembly

Very difficult

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For the second time since becoming an iPad owner, I have dropped my iPad and more or less shattered the screen. It remained in perfect working condition, just got a lot less beautiful looking. When I took it to Apple I was told it would cost AT LEAST $300 which I was not willing to pay. My boyfriend found this website and told me that they sold exactly the part I needed so I decided to order it!

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It was stressful and it took about 2 hours, but I am very happy with the finished product. Since my screen was cracked it was more difficult to remove the screen than it would have been if it had been in good condition. Since I didn't need the old screen anyway, we just cracked it and broke it all the way around. It wasn't too complicated though once we got it apart it was hard to just 'repeat the steps in reverse' to put it back together since they're we're instructions missing for parts such as applying the adhesive. In the end, it was worth it and it worked out very well.

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The plastic opening tools that I purchased did not work very for prying off the screen since they were a little too thick for the job. I ended up using guitar picks and a small screwdriver to pull off the screen.

It was hard to tell how long to heat the adhesive so I just kept heating it until the adhesive seemed loose enough and the extended heat didn't seem to harm my iPad. I also held the hairdryer the entire time while my boyfriend worked on the screen to see if it would work a little faster.

In the bottom right there is the one antenna attached by adhesive and it was hard to tell it was there and attached until we finished the rest of the screen and tried to remove it.

The adhesive to reapply the screen is very difficult to figure out since they are in very specific shapes, but there is no way to tell where they are supposed to go so it's kind of a puzzle to figure out were they go.

It's important to adhere the home button to the new front panel before you attach the whole panel instead of putting it in with the rest of the iPad so that it is in the proper position.

Reverse directions would have been nice for putting on the new screen, even if they were fairly similar to the first set of directions.

iPad 2 Digitizer Front Panel afbeelding
iPad 2 Digitizer Front Panel


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