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Metal Spudger Saves Family of 3

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Nothing good can possibly happen when your 3-sided iPad zipper case is only zipped on 2 sides. As a matter of fact, watching your iPad slip out of the un-zipped side is eerily akin to being in a slo-mo scene from a bad Chuck Norris film. Time actually stops. Your brain screams, "Catch it before it hits the floor, moron!" But your arms and legs are frozen; set in concrete. And all you can do is wait for the bouncing to cease.

You slowly pick it up and turn it over. Sigh of relief - The screen is not shattered. Maybe it survived this unspeakable event. Slowly you press the Power button. You say a little prayer to the e-gods. And then you see it... The shower of streaming lines emanating from the display. Toast.

You stop hyperventilating. You wipe the tear from your eye and enter the following into the Google Search Bar: I'm a dumb A&& and I dropped my iPad. Now all I see is Asteroids Hyper-Space. Oddly enough, iFixit comes up. As you read through the possible repair, you think "I can do this. I must do this!" and you order the entire set of metal spudgers because you are feeling stronger and more confident by the minute thanks to the awesome, step-by-step instructions you are reading. "PayPal, give these awesome guys 13 of my dollars and make it snappy!"

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Prior to it's arrival, I had never used a spudger. I had never seen a spudger. H$!!, I had never heard the word "spudger". I was also a bit leery of just popping my iPad open. But, the instructions looked simple enough and I'm a pretty handy guy so why not. I have to admit that the popping sounds were very unsettling but I figured how much worse can it get. If something goes wrong, I just end up with a broken iPad in 2 pieces instead of one - so I pressed on. Once I got the display separated from the case, it was apparent that the display cable was loose so I plugged it back in and began the reconstruction process. I felt a bit like the doctors in the intro to the $6 Million Man... "We can rebuild him."

More crackling and popping and a whole iPad once again. The moment of truth...

Power button pressed. Low and behold, just like new. No shower of lines - all is once again right with the world!

Mijn advies

Just be careful taking it apart. I think I lost some of the "clips" so one side is a bit looser than the others.

Other than that, it's really not that big of a deal.

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Metal Spudger Set


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