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Discovering Dyson's (not-so-secret) Filter!

Kris Rodriguez -

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright

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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Filter Replacement

1 dag


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Thank you iFixit!

My 10-year-old Dyson Animal was shutting off randomly. This vacuum has been super trusty and I’ve been dreading the day that something like this would happen. But I went online and found our troubleshooting page and discovered that this model has two filters that need to be cleaned out, one in the main canister and one in the ball.

I had only ever cleaned the filter in the canister, which meant the other filter in the ball mechanism had 10 years worth of debris in it. Dyson has a safety feature where excess debris in the filters will cause the vacuum to automatically shut off in order to prevent the motor from overheating (and thus, causing worse damage).

I crossed my fingers and hoped that dirty filters were my problem. It was miles away much better to have dirty filters than a bad motor or faulty cord.

So, I took out the filters, cleaned them both very well and let them dry outside for 24 hours.

Crisis averted! It’s fixed and actually over-performing now that both filters have been cleaned.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went better than expected. I was convinced that the automatic shut off was indicative of a bigger problem. But, after letting the filters air dry for 24 hours, the vacuum has stopped automatically shutting off and cleans better than before.

Mijn advies

After washing your filters, I recommend putting them outside in a safe place to dry. The outside air will help them dry faster and the direct sunlight can even disinfect them from certain bacteria.

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