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Failed to Load Devices on Macbook (fixed)

Luqman Hayato -

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Mijn probleem

Even though i signed the same Apple ID on my mba, in 'devices' section it shows 'Failed to Load Devices'

Mijn oplossing


1. Sign out your Apple ID and then re-sign in your Apple ID

2. A pop up will appear, asking for syncing your Safari & Calendar with your iCloud something like that

3. click 'Allow'

4. 'Find my Mac' -- click 'Allow'


1. Sign out balik Apple ID korang pastu sign in balik

2. Ada pop up tanya pasal nak sync Safari & Calendar dgn iCloud korang

3. tekan 'Allow'

4. tekan 'Allow' dkt 'Find my Mac'

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It can be the software error. Restart your device and try again for the same action.

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