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Nearly Fried the Whole Thing

Nate Solyntjes -

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Mijn probleem

My Xbox Series X controller displayed extensive drift for a few months. My player would keep pointing toward the sky without any input from me.

Mijn oplossing

It could've gone better. I've desoldered a few things, but usually they are my own boards, and apparently not cleaned like the pros do it. As such, normally when I take the soldering iron to the joints, they're still ready to melt.

I tried and tried to re-tin my tip and add flux by adding more solder, as was recommended in a YouTube video or two, but couldn't quite get the old joystick off. I caused lots of through-hole damage to the board because my methods were boorish and impatient.

Once I finally torched the beast and got the old pieces out of the way, the IFixIt joystick went in very well, and I soldered it pretty much flush where it needed to be. The middle pins of the potentiometers, however, didn't connect right, because I had fried the leads. I ended up following the melted PCB to the nearest "TP##" points on the board, and soldering on some jumpers as a last-ditch effort. When I plugged it back in to the gamepad tester, it worked perfectly. We'll just have to see how long it holds up.

Mijn advies

Get your solder paste ahead of time. If de-soldering is going too slowly, there's probably something wrong.

Xbox Series X/S Controller Joystick Afbeelding
Xbox Series X/S Controller Joystick


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