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The contraption (tetanus shot required)

Brian Campbell -

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Mijn probleem

A lot of times I cannot afford to buy tools or devices, so why not make them. A table saw was quite a bit outside of my budget, but a circular saw was much more obtainable.

Mijn oplossing

As you can see from the pictures it is absolutely not pretty but it works wonderfully. I am able to make precise and more importantly consistent cuts.

Mijn advies

Something like this is very easily doable. Materials I used where a budget harbor freight circular saw, an old nightstand a fair amount of screws, some glue, pencil tape measure. And persistence. My absolute biggest piece of advice is this device is quite a bit more dangerous even than it looks. But with a good overall understanding of what part of it is dangerous and how to keep its use relatively safe I keep all my fingers. if it feels like something doesn't feel right immediately stop unplug the machine and take 15 or 20 and think through possible fixes or away to make it smoother and safer.

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