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Saving an OptiPlex nobody wanted

guardian10 -

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An OptiPlex sat at Goodwill for weeks, untouched. It would soon go to a landfill. I had wanted a desktop for a while. I decided to go ahead and buy it. I meant to sell it on eBay. Nobody bought it.

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The computer worked once it had 8gb RAM and a hard drive. It is now mine, and I am typing this story on it. It works very well now. The i5 3570 is still very capable.

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Those old desktops you see at thrift stores still have life left in them. Consider restoring one if you want a cheap desktop, a backup, or one for your child.

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3 Opmerkingen

I am doing the same thing for my cousin.

Ben Kania - Antwoord

Back when I was in college, I had a room mate that rescued one of these from an elementary school that was just going to toss it out. He opened it up, cleaned it out, upgraded the ram, CPU, and swapped out the hard drive to an SSD. He would use it for gaming and he'd brag about how he spent only $150 on all the upgrades. If memory serves me correct now he upgraded to a new rig, and he's using it now as a gaming server.

Moral of the story, a lot of these computers still have some good use cases for them.

Jacob Mehnert - Antwoord

I agree and that's cheap

Ben Kania -

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