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Starting a repair shop for Apple devices

justfinethanku -

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Mijn probleem

Everyone's been breaking their phones, shattered screens, bent bezels and destroyed LCD's. I was also struggling to get much-needed additional income. The combination was perfect since I love fixing iPhones and the like!

Problem was, all of the cheap screwdrivers and tools that come with a lot of the parts are inadequate at best. They look and feel cheap, often don't fit and it's easy to strip the bit head itself. I needed something better and the Pro Tech Base Toolkit was it.

To be honest, I don't even recognize some of the tools in the basekit or the other kits but the metal splungers, lit up magnifying glass and unique screwdriver bit set was worth every penny. I've done a few jobs I'd never have attempted without them in the last week and I can't recommend them enough!

**sidenote, the Pro Tech Basekit makes you look like a doctor, seriously, people take one look at your tools and fully believe you can do anything! Unbelievable "street-cred"**

Mijn oplossing

Repairs are going well, with the magnifying lens and the toolkits I have no trouble at all getting to the problem with out creating any more problems myself. I've done several iPhone 4 and 4s bezels now, and while they are a pain in the -you know what- it's actually been quite easy with these tools!

Mijn advies

A couple of quick tips for anyone trying to do repairs for a living, or even on the side:

1. if you get nothing else, get the screw tray, the 56-piece driver kit and the lit up table magnifier. These should be put in their own "iPhone repair toolkit" because all three are absolutely essential to an iPhone repair job well-done.

2. Take your time, always have the guide in front of you. I've done dozens of iPhone repair jobs and I still keep that guide on the screen in front of me. You never know when you'll forget something.

3. If your starting a business and ordering parts in bulk MAKE SURE these guys label their parts right! I only recently started to learn the differences between an iPhone 4 and 4s front screen assembly after being forced to sort large boxes of parts. Send the sellers messages begging them to simply write down what the stinking parts are!!!

4. If you are replacing or customizing the back housing of an iPhone 3G or 3Gs it's worth it to spend the extra few bucks on a housing assembly. It will save you a TON of time and it eliminates the possibility of screwing up the mute button (it's the single biggest problem with that type of repair!) You'll also be able to tell your customers you replaced a ton of other parts and they will be happier with a job well done!

There are a LOT more tips, but I'll let iFixit guide you in the right direction from here!

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4 opmerkingen

just starting to repair iphones myself and I would love some recommendation on where to order cheap quality parts. Right now I am spending about $26 to buy an iphone 6 screen/digitizer replacement. Considering how low I charge people at the moment I would love to lower my parts costs.

wilson - Antwoord

Where are you getting your screens from right now?

Raj khehra -

I would also be intrested in low priced but quality parts, i have been repairing any smartphones, Tablets, laptops, and various other electronics for 2 years on the side for my local community

Aidan Macgregor - Antwoord

Hello Aidan,

have you found your supplier for spare parts yet?

If you can recommend a good one, please mail me at

Best regards

Hoang Nguyen

Alpha Pixel -

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