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Replacing the Pram battery in my G4 Powerbook

lukemaxwell -


PowerBook G4 PRAM Battery Replacement

PowerBook G4 PRAM Battery Replacement

5 minuten


Mijn probleem

My powerbook would not remember the date, time or wireless password after shutting down and rebooting.

Mijn oplossing

Seemless. Cruised your website as I have done previously to repair my 1st and 2nd gen ipods, as well as Wallstreet, Lombard & Pismo powerbooks. Found the cause of my G4's illness, ordered the part. One week later it arrived at my doorstep in Sydney Australia. Followed your detailed guides as always. Fifteen minutes later tests completed she is as good as new.

Mijn advies

This particular repair is very simple to do. You CAN do it. Bite the bullet and invest in Ifixit's tool kit they are a work of art.The off the shelf tools here in Australia are a little agricultural.Take your time and involve some one that you think might be interested.Their bright shiny eyes will be reward enough when its all put back together and working as designed. Sometimes the repair might not work the first time. Don't let yourself be put off. Retrace the steps and try again. They will chorus how do you do it? Shout from the roof tops "Ifxit"

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