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'Refurbished' to Actually Working

Ryan Ortgiesen -

iPhone SE

iPhone SE Screen Replacement

iPhone SE Screen Replacement

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I bought a 'refurbished' iPhone SE from eBay for a great price. Unfortunately, I presume this great price was due to the seller buying shattered iPhones, repairing the screen with an inferior, cheap screen and making a good profit. That screen was constantly having strange delays, not registering touches and other anomalies. After I smashed that screen while taking video on the John Muir Trail, I replaced it with the iFixit screen. In terms of use, the difference is night and day. The iFixit screen works perfectly and is indiscernible from an OEM.

Mijn oplossing

The instructions are clear and concise. However, I've repaired an iPhone 4s, 2 iPhone 6's and this iPhone SE repair has been the most difficult by far. This is mostly due to the patience involved with reattaching the Touch ID sensor. Plugging the ribbon is difficult because there less then a 30° angle to work within, but also a small shield must be slid over. This is work for a very still hand and small tools. The screen itself was more difficult too then previous experiences. Maybe it just proves that old iPhones were made sturdier.

Mijn advies

Have a lot of patience. Take your time. Organize your screws. I used an egg carton.

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