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Only attempt this if you have nothing to lose

Cory -

Google Pixel

Google Pixel Battery Replacement

Google Pixel Battery Replacement

2 uren

Very difficult

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I tried it because my phone battery was becoming unusable and thought either I could replace the phone or try to fix the battery.

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This repair was much harder then I expected. There were multiple steps with high risk for damage to the phone. The first step of removing the glass is by far the most dangerous. High risk of damaging the display. I was able to do it though with palms sweating. The next part is removing the adhesive and this was the most time consuming part. The adhesive is unbelievably difficult to remove even with recommended 90% isopropyl alcohol. If you don't get every last bit, the phone is not going to come together again perfectly. Removing the inner shield caused bending of the shield as the clasps do not release as the should. After that, things were not too bad. However, I was not able to get the shield back on all the way. The top would never reclip. The replacement adhesive is very difficult to use mainly because the side strips are so thin its almost impossible to put on correctly. Any adhesive not perfectly aligned will result in the glass not laying perfectly flat. After I put the glass back on, it would never lay flat at the top. Upon trying to remove the adhesive to take it back apart again to see why it wouldn't lay flat, I cracked the display. The adhesive literally comes right up to the display so running the flat picks under the glass has a high chance of damaging the screen. There are many comments in the repair guide that for some reason only show up on the mobile phone site, not on my desktop. Many comments are because of broken displays. I wish ifixit made it easier to write and read reviews and comments because I would have never attempted this if I knew in advance. This phone is not meant to repaired except maybe the screen. Do not try to get to the battery. There is absolutely no room for error. I have repaired phones previously and thought I could do this. I would say the odds of replacing battery successfully are less than 50% even with extremely delicate hands. On a plus note, the repair kit itself is great, especially the tweezers. They are extremely precise.

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Do not attempt this repair unless you do not care if your phone gets broken. I tried it because my phone battery was becoming unusable and thought either I could replace the phone or try to fix the battery. Looks like I will be replacing the phone.

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