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Replaced Macbook Pro 17" Mid 2010 battery with Battery Fix Kit

Vo Le Hoang Huan -

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My MacBook Pro 17" Mid 2010 has been used for 6 years, and it's refurbished one. It got a battery service warning, and the battery only lasts for about 1 hour (originally it lasted about 4 hours or more).

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It is extremely easy to get it replaced with the iFixit kit. Just remember to plug in the battery while the charging cable is plugged into the socket outlet and laptop to get the battery charge, otherwise it won't be charged.

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I bought the MacBook Pro 17" Unibody (Early 2009-Mid 2010) Replacement Battery / New / Fix Kit (part #IF162-034-4) on ifixit.com. Unfortunately, after replacement, the battery was fully charged, then it dropped from 100% to 77% in 46 minutes, but then it held at 76% for 12 minutes, then suddenly dropped to 7% within a second. Then it continue to dropped to 2% within 2 minutes, then stay at 2% for 2 hours. I tried to calibrate my battery as per instructions from Apple and the community twice, but it still shows incorrect battery level percentage now. It is dropping from 100% to 70%, normally proportional with time, but then immediately dropping from 70% to 7% in seconds then continues to drop to 2% and stay there for hours. When it is being charged, it goes up slowly from 2% to 50%, then jumps to 100% in seconds. I did reset SMC and calibrated two times, but no success. Please help if is there any way to calibrate it. This battery can run my Mac for at least 3.5 hours, but problem with level indicator.

MacBook Pro 17" Unibody (Early 2009-Mid 2010) Replacement Battery afbeelding
MacBook Pro 17" Unibody (Early 2009-Mid 2010) Replacement Battery


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Hi there, sorry to hear about your battery troubles. Try posing your question on answers.ifixit.com, and someone there should be able to help you out. If that doesn’t work, go to help.ifixit.com!

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