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It works!

Jay Wood -

HP G72

HP G72 Keyboard Replacement

HP G72 Keyboard Replacement

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Mijn probleem

My keyboard was getting worn out and the 'm' key didn't always work which is aggravating.

Mijn oplossing

oldturkey03 wrote clear instructions and with good pictures. I found that the screws weren't always where they were shown but that is probably due to HP G72 manufacturing changes. The keyboard is a 'bear' to get loose but it finally came out. First time I finished the whole installation, plugged the computer in and the keyboard did not work! So I took the covers back off (dropped a screw in the process but found it-whew!) and put the ribbon connector in correctly. Before putting the covers back on I checked and all the keys worked (including some I never have used-surprise!). Put the covers back on still works.

Mijn advies

The U.S. Snail took their own sweet time in getting my piece of plastic (very handy tool to have) and I sent iFixit an email. Kandan sent me a very nice email that soothed my ruffled feathers. Therefore, be patient, unless you live near Magic Mountain and can pick it up yourself, we are still subject to the Snail for delivery.

My next project is to add ram and will definitely use iFixit instructions!

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