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Disappointed in Apple "Geniuses", Elated with iFixit!

Michael Maysilles -

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

45 minuten


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Back in January '18 when iPhone throttling was in the news, I called Apple Support to see if my battery was eligible for replacement. After about 45 on the phone with a very nice support tech, he determined that my battery needed replacing. He scheduled a replacement at my local store. I was then notified by the store that they would call me at the end of March (2 1/2 months later) to replace the battery. Ok, no big deal. I can wait. At the end of March, I got the call and rushed to the store. I dropped off the phone and was instructed to return in two hours. Anxiously, I awaited the two hours and returned to the store where I was informed that the battery could not be replaced due to water damage. WATER DAMAGE!??! This phone has been in constant use for just over 3 years and has never been close to water, let along damaged by it. I was furious. They gave absolutely no options whatsoever! I mean, seriously. What is someone supposed to do if there was truly water damage? Apple won't fix it, even if you are willing to pay for it? Ridiculous. Geniuses, indeed! So, I went back home, plotting my anti-Apple social media campaign. Thankfully, cooler heads and a few cold ones prevailed and I dropped the spam campaign. At work on the following Monday, I stumbled across a PC Magazine article about iFixit battery replacement. I read the article a few times and then did some more research finding that this was a legitimate alternative. I also figured that since the price of the package plus shipping was very reasonable, what did I have to lose? Also, if children in China can put them together, I can certainly repair it! The package was delivered a few days later and it was time to begin...

Mijn oplossing

The repair was completely successful! Actual work on the phone took about 45 minutes. But, I stretched it out to about 2 hours to repeatedly watch the videos and read the online instructions. All of the instructions and tips were spot on. One of the glue strips ripped when removing the battery. I had to resort to a hairdryer and credit card to remove the battery. However, even that process was fully explained in the instructions. I would recommend iFixit to anyone, even those who feel technologically handicapped. iFixit provides all of the tools necessary and the instructions are very easy to follow.

Mijn advies

I would highly recommend viewing all of the videos and step by step instructions multiple times before beginning the deconstruction of the iPhone. In my haste, I jumped right in and began the deconstruction while viewing the videos and instructions simultaneously. This slowed me down in the actual repair and I feel that I would have been able to complete the process more accurately and quickly if I had the complete picture before beginning. Regardless, the instructions are some complete, that, in the end, the battery was successfully replaced. Thank you, iFixit!

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iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Battery


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