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Alan Siler -

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

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Very easy

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I have an iPhone 6 Plus and it has been very good until recently my battery would go from 100% to 40% in less than an hour. I went to the Apple Store and it was going to be $29.00, I thought great, my appointment was 3 weeks out. No thank you.

I went to a 3 party Kiosk in the mall, they wanted $99.00, again No thank you. Doing a google search for iPhone battery replacement iFixit pops up. $24.00 and can have the kit in 2 days, just in time for the weekend. So I purchased it and it arrived on Friday and I did the replacement on Saturday.

Mijn oplossing

I will qualify, I have done technology for over 25 years so diving into something like this, is like riding a bicycle. I did watch the video on youtube first like any sane person should do. After watching it I was like here we go, gloves, suction cup, screw driver and the surgery began. 12 minutes later, yes I timed it, I hit the power button and I had success. New juice for a phone. Now a week later I do not drop below 70% with average FB surfing, Next Door, Phone Calls, txting, etc... during the day. I also bought a cable that will not overcharge the battery from another vendor. This way the new battery will last longer.

The kit as delivered was quality parts and including everything I needed to be successful. Now I tell my friends to just buy the battery and glue strips, we can use my kit to do the rest. Easy way to get a beer or two on a Friday night...

Would I do it again, in a heart beat. The iFixit kit made it easy... so much now my family and friends are lining up to have me do it to their phone

Mijn advies

The hardest thing is the getting the battery out, I know that is the whole objective. In the video it shows how you grab the end of the Glue Strip and with a slow steady pulling action it will release from the battery and case. Ummm, yea right. Two of the the three glue strips broke quickly underneath the battery. with a small putty knife I was able to pry ever so easily until I could get a hold of the center slue strip and begin tugging again. So when you are dealing with the original battery glue strips, go slow and easy and they will come right off. After the first one was so easy, I move too quickly on the other two, so take your time it is not a race to see who has the fastest time replacing the battery.

Second the battery connector. Keep the battery you took out close, because the iFixIt battery connector does not have the proper bends next to the connector and you have to bend it to the same shape as the original to make the little pig tail lay correctly in the case, just like the original battery. Don't worry it is easy but something the Video did not pick up on or talk about.

iPhone 6s Plus Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 6s Plus Replacement Battery


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