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A Fairly Easy Repair

Keith Conner -

iPhone 6

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How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

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My iPhone 6’s battery was draining very fast. I have had my iPhone for several years now and have started having problems with the battery staying charged. I would charge it to 100% before I left for work and by the time I got there it would already be at 70%! The battery lasted MUCH less while using the phone. Could barely last an hour.

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Took me a couple of tries. As far as disassembly went it was pretty simple. However, I did have a problem when reconnecting the ribbon cables. After everything was connected and I turned on the phone, the top portion of the touch screen was not working. I did read online that you have to plug in the ribbon cables a certain way so that the touch screen will still work. Press from the sides of the connector NOT the center. Also, make absolutely sure your phone does not have a charge if you need to disassemble it again.

When I saw that my phone’s touch screen was not working, I naturally went to try connecting the cables again. I was not able to completely power off, however, because the top portion of the screen would not let me swipe the power off. I disconnected the battery anyway (which is hindsight was obviously not smart) and after reassembly the phone displayed vertical white lines on a black screen.

This was fixed by simply keeping the phone on until it drained itself and then reconnecting the ribbon cables the correct way. Everything was fine after that.

I have had this battery in my iPhone for several days now and it keeps its charge like a brand new phone! No longer draining itself in less than an hour! Very satisfied with iFixit and would definitely recommend!!

Mijn advies

When you go to reconnect the ribbon cables for the screen, make sure you press down on the sides, NOT from the center. After I reconnected them the first time, when I put the phone back together parts of the touch screen were inactive. If this does happen to you MAKE SURE you drain the battery completely before disassemling again. I was not able to swipe the power off on my phone since the top porton of the screen was not working, since I reconnected the ribbon cable incorrectly.

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iPhone 6 Replacement Battery


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