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Renewing my iPhone 6 Plus

Mike -

iPhone 6 Plus

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iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

30 minuten


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Battery life over 30 months has diminished by an estimated 30%. After an unfortunate understanding with my mobile carrier, who led me to believe I could trade my phone for the latest version once the 30 month contract was satisfied, it turns out that the phone belongs to me and it's my responsibility to sell it in order to trade up. My phone was $900 dollars. My carrier who I won't mention (AT&T), offered $110 dollars toward a trade in. After a frustrating exchange with the representative, I decided to research other options. Based on the limited number of serious and meaningful upgrades, and Apple's maddening process of introducing new iterations several times per year, at expense so far beyond the actual value of what it costs to manufacture, I've decided not to play the game. Who are these end users that think a camera upgrade is worth spending $1k dollars 2 years after spending $900 for almost the exact same phone? I decided a $25 dollar battery replacement made much more sense. Most of the phone upgrades advertised make very little difference in operation. No more feeding the Apple machine!

Mijn oplossing

The repair was fun. After watching a few online video's from both iFixit and a couple other random offerings, I added a few steps to improve on the process which I will explain. If you don't follow these suggestions, the process will be more difficult

Mijn advies

The iFixit instructions are a good baseline, but please consider these few steps in combination with the video instructions:

1. Trace the outline of the phone on a piece of white paper, and mark the North and South designation.

2. Use a portable light source near the work area.

3. As you remove the several tiny screws, indicate their placement within the outline of the phone that you traced.

4. Place the screws on the drawing and indicate length for longer screws.

5. Keep the drawing out of immediate reach, so as to not disturb and possibly drop the screws.

6. Have a magnet and bright light available if you do drop them, particularly on carpet. For me, more time was spent searching for screws I kept losing.

7. Disconnect the video cables with the phone case halves open no greater than 90 degrees.

8. Removing the battery can be the most difficult task, so by placing the outer case holding the battery on a very warm surface, the glue strips will be much easier to remove, using patience and constant steady pulling. The outer strips can be finessed around the outside of the battery, and the middle strip will require a straight steady and gentle pull.

9. Do not use metal objects to pry on the battery, as it can burst into flame, cause harm and destroy the phone. Dispose of according to local instructions. Seriously, they can be dangerous!

10. Easy on the data, power and video cables and connectors. once connected, use the power button to insure all cables are correctly seated before closing the phone. Seat the top of the phone first.

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