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iPhone 6 repair

Joshua Breslau -

iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

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The original battery in my iPhone 6 was on its last legs. From a full charge, the phone would suddenly die after 20-30 minutes of moderate use. The charge percentage indicator had become completely unreliable.

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All the steps of disassembly were frightening, but the only part that actually presented any difficulty was removing the adhesive holding the old battery in place. I got about a third of the first strip out before it wrinkled and broke off; the second strip snapped off almost immediately when I tried to remove it. I didn't have an iOpener or other adequate heater, but I eventually got more than half of the remaining adhesive out using plastic cards. I then pried the battery out by force, which was successful, though the battery bent and rapidly heated, and I was surprised the frame of the phone was not damaged. The remaining steps went smoothly, and the phone is now as good as new.

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Do not skip the steps involving detaching the front and rear assemblies prior to removing the battery. Take your time with the adhesive removal, beginning as gently as possible.

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iPhone 6 Replacement Battery


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