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My Fix Worked

Roberta Collins -

iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

2 uren


Mijn probleem

My GPS was no longer functioning in my iPhone 6. It would bring up the directions, but the marker would not move when the car moved.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went well. I read other comments before I started and made sure that I taped the screws down on a piece of paper, labeled with the step they were from and even drew and placed them on the part (sort of a map). Probably the most difficult part was dealing with small parts. The antenna was very difficult to get it just right to snap back into place. This was true with most of the parts that had to snap back on, but I was slow and careful. One of the parts was not snapped on correctly, and I had grey stripes on my phone when I first powered it back up. I re-read how this part could have that result if not attached correctly so I had to go back and take it apart to that section and reattach. The second time it worked. Attaching the new wifi piece was probably the most difficult part. Very hard to get the snaps to line up correctly, but I eventually did. Also, the side screw is sort of a pain to get out, but again, just go slow and be persistent.

In addition to the GPS working, I can now get a wifi signal in my bedroom where I stopped getting a signal awhile ago—so no more using cell data which is great.

Mijn advies

Go slow, read the steps a few times. Be in a good frame of mind when you decide to try it, and also be in the frame of mind that if you make a mistake that cannot be fixed, you might have to get a new phone. I was super careful and super patient.

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Één commentaar

I am glad I took the chance to try to fix my phone. I tend to be a handy person anyway which is why I thought I could do this. At over 50, the only thing is that I wish my fingers were a little thinner and smaller to navigate the smaller pieces. Work slowly, read the steps involved and I would recommend labeling and taping down the screws by step to get things back in the correct place. I would definitely use iFixit again.

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