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First Grade Classroom ipad Repair

Stacey Rogers -

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I teach first grade. I had an ipod and ipad with broken headphone ports stuck into the headphone socket. I had sent this equipment to our Technology repair department. They said they couldn't be fixed and the repair would be more costly than the equipment was worth. I searched online and found this site and the gripstick for $25.00. It was worth a try rather than losing about $400 in classroom equipment. I needed those machines to have sound for my students.

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I received my gripstick very quickly. I tried to repair the machines while sitting in a meeting without needle nose pliers. I wasn't successful. When I got home I used the needle nose pliers to lightly hammer the gripstick into the port, then use the needle nose pliers to pull the broken pieces out. My machines were not a super easy fix. The pieces came out in two pieces so it took multiple tries to get all the pieces out. I bent my gripstick a little, but it still worked for the second repair. I was so thrilled my machines have sound for my students again. I now keep the gripstick hidden in my desk so I'm prepared for any headphone emergency. Thank you so much for this amazing tool and customer service.

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If possible try to get the gripstick before you try another method. I had tried using a thumbtack ect... to remove the broken piece. I only shoved it farther in and made the repair more difficult with the proper tool. I had also viewed a youtube video that showed using a coffee stirrer straw to remove broken ports. It didn't work for my repair. This tool is fabulous.

GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool afbeelding
GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool


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