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Battery Replacement Lessons Learned

Michael Parks -

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

2 uren


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Battery was not holding a charge for any longer than a day.

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Great instructions, good pictures, bad experience. It all began like the instructions indicated by removing the two external screws, placing suction cup on screen and attempting to separate the screen from the body. After numerous attempts, was finally able to get it separated enough to get the pry tool under the screen and begin removal. Once inside, removed battery plate screws, disconnected battery and then moved on to the plate covering the display and other connections. Once I had the screen removed, I began the steps to separate the pull tabs for the adhesive strips loose from the battery. By following the instructions, I had ahold of all 3 tabs and began pulling so carefully up and towards the rear of the phone when all 3 snapped/broke off. Now after gathering my thoughts and researching ways to remove the battery when this occurs, I carefully pried up on the left corner of the battery enough to reach the first broken adhesive strip. Taking a pair of needle nose pilers, I was able to grab the strip and began removing it. Once removed, I pried the corner of the battery up further to gain access to the other two. After several agonizing moments I was able to get the battery removed with bending the back or touching any other components on the surrounding boards. Unpackaged the new battery, attached the new adhesive strips as shown and started assembling the phone again. When it came to the connections for the screen and such, none of them would "click" back into place or stay once I lifted my finger. So after several attempts, they finally stayed in place so I could get the plate reattached. Once that was completed, I was able to attach the battery, reattached the battery plate and close up the phone. Once I had the external screws reinstated I turned on the phone to encounter "Unable to activate Touch ID on this phone". So after reading several articles about this issues, I decided to disassemble the phone again and make sure all connections were secured and correct. Everything looked fine and from what I could tell, all connections were in place. Reassembled the phone and restarted it to encounter the issue again. So I looking at taking this into a repair shop to see what I may have touched or damaged.

Mijn advies

I would recommend to everyone that has not done this before to make sure they follow every aspect of the instructions to the T. One area I would recommend changing in the documentation is the way the adhesive strips are removed; begin with 1 and make sure it is done before moving on the next the ones. Another area that would be improved is before placing the battery back into the phone; make sure the positioning is correct because once the adhesive strips touch the back of the phone, it is very difficult reposition the battery for the most optimum position for reconnection. Also, having something to hold the screen while disassembling and reassembling the connections is almost mandatory in my opinion.

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