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Accidentally dropped my iPhone onto asphalt & the rear glass plate shattered.

Sean Kemble -

iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

55 minuten


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I thought it would be less expensive to repair my Apple iPhone 4 than to try to buy a newer one.

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After my Apple iPhone 4 was damaged, I tried approaching a few Apple device repair stores seeking help for it; but nobody wanted to take on the job. I don't know why they wouldn't offer to work on it. Maybe the owners/staff felt that it simply wasn't cost effective enough for them to waste their time & resources on repairing my phone. Next, I tried ordering a replacement iPhone 4 rear glass cover from Amazon, but the cover that I ordered from Amazon didn't fit my specific iPhone. Back to "square one," again. I didn't realize that those replacement rear iPhone covers were Apple device specific. I initially thought that they were: "One size fits all." Talk about a learning experience! I finally found out about iFixit & I ordered my replacement Apple iPhone 4 parts from iFixit. I FINALLY successfully managed to replace my damaged rear glass cover for my iPhone, with the replacement cover (I ordered TWO replacement covers just in case one of them got accidentally shattered or damaged while I was handling it). The two screws were an ABSOLUTE PAIN to deal with. They are EXTREMELY small, %#*@ near impossible to handle by my fingertips, VERY difficult to see with the naked eye & prone to being very easily lost/misplaced. Additionally, you MUST have the specifically matching screwdriver (tip) that actually fits the heads of those screws. I ended up having to magnetize the screwdriver head in order to keep the screws in place while reinstalling them back into my iPhone. The entire repair job (for me) took almost an hour, given the problems that I encountered in both refitting the replacement cover itself, as well as dealing with the two screws.

Mijn advies

The BEST advice that I can offer anybody? ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep your Apple mobile devices locked down inside of a protective armored case. Otterbox and Griffin both make excellent protective armored device cases for Apple iPhones & Apple iPads. You can purchase either of them from Amazon for a relatively inexpensive price. Believe me: "An OUNCE of prevention really IS worth a POUND of cure," when it comes to protecting your Apple mobile devices. COULD I repair another Apple iPhone again? In a pinch, yes. However, I wouldn't want to deal with the headaches that go along with that. The screws themselves are VERY difficult to handle/deal with & the glass plated rear cover CANNOT withstand much abuse. It's also my understanding that even the newer Apple iPhones can't take much abuse either; because of their exceptionally thin aluminum alloy casings, which are prone to denting & bending. All the MORE reason to invest money into a protective armored carrying case for them (ESPECIALLY for what Apple is currently CHARGING consumers for purchasing one of more of Apple's mobile devices).

iPhone 4S Used OEM Rear Glass Panel afbeelding
iPhone 4S Used OEM Rear Glass Panel


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