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iPhone 6S +: Smashed to Smoothed

Jim R Holbrook -

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Replacement

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Replacement

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Screen was smashed and cracked. Shards of glass with every swipe. Who has time for that?

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The repair went fine using the guide and user comments. Most helpful comment for me was when using the suction cup to pull the cracked screen, place a piece of clear packing tape on the broken screen so the suction cup can pull the front off. This tip was provided by an iFixit customer. The only problems I have had after the repair were the proximity sensor issue blacking out the screen during calls and not adjusting brightness AND the finger print reader not working (home button works fine). This is common for this repair and I'm trying to work through those issues. Even though it's not perfect, I will be able to use the phone until my next upgrade and most likely beyond that.

Mijn advies

I took a 10" x 10" piece of cardboard for the parts and screws I removed, using scotch tape to stick all the little pieces to the board in numbered order. I have also not used the new adhesive making sure I don't need to reopen the phone and make adjustments. When I'm more convinced of success and problems are ironed out, I will apply the new adhesive. I used a grounded wrist static band and I would suggest using alcohol or some other cleaner to remove oils off your hands as the parts really show finger prints. Maybe even some disposable plastic kitchen gloves.

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