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Cast off iPhone 6 given new life.

Paul Willis -

iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

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Two problems: 1) the screen was badly cracked and 2) The battery would not hold a charge.

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The repair went pretty well.

The battery replacement was quit easy. The only issue was one of the adhesive strips broke which required tweezers to grasp the torn end. Both strips pulled free as expected. I installed the new strips as shown in the iFixit video. The battery dropped right into place and the connector snapped easily into place.

The screen repair was a little more challenging. The most difficult part was removing the home button assembly from the broken screen. Once the home button assembly was removed, installing it in the new screen went pretty well. The iFixit guides proved VERY helpful. The actual installation of the screen was rather anticlimactic - it just slipped into place. The fitment of the screen to the body of the phone looks very precise.

The screen looks great! Everything seems to function as expected.

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The only nit-pick I have is this:

The iFixit tool kit has the bare minimum needed to perform the repair - no problems there.

However, the Phillips and Pentalobe bits are NOT well made.

The Pentalobe bit, especially, fit very loosely into the Pentalobe screw with way too much play.

I borrowed a different Pentalobe bit from my son. Wow, what a difference! So much better.

I understand this is a cheep kit - but the bits should at least be the correct size!

The other tools worked well for me.

iPhone 6 Screen afbeelding
iPhone 6 Screen


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