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iPad Mini with shattered screen

James Cambier -

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The glass over the front panel was completely shattered as a result of dropping it.

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Getting the old display off was very time-consuming. I taped it with packaging tape but the suction cup was useless. I used a razor blade to pry up the edges of the display enough to get the picks under it. The rest of the disassembly went pretty smoothly. There were no instructions on how to move the home button from the old display to the new one, and the one pictured in the guide was slightly different from the one I had. I improvised and removed the existing button with the metal bracket that supports the back of the button. Unfortunately there wasn't enough adhesive left on the bracket to secure it to the new display so I applied a little super glue and it seemed to work. I also used super glue to attach the smart cover magnets to the new display. I used the adhesive strips kit to re-attach the digitizer screen - that took a little head-scratching because there were absolutely no instructions on how to align and apply the strips, but they seemed to work OK.

Mijn advies

It's probably worthwhile to buy a good set of jeweler's screwdrivers as the #00 Phillips driver supplied with the kit is pretty cheap and in some cases was too large to use without ruining the screw heads. I found a usable screwdriver in a kit used for a previous repair on an iPhone. Instructions for moving the home button and applying the adhesive strips would be very helpful.

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