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A Heated Separation

Kevin Kays -

iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

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My three and a half year old iPhone 6 battery was holding a charge like a sieve holds water. Either a new phone or a new battery. Common sense and money both talked in making the decision to replace teh battery.

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Upon undertaking my battery replacement, I had studied the iFixit video and series of stills in the Web How-To written by Walter Galan. Unlike my iPhone 6, I was juiced and ready.

Pentalobe (terrific word!) screws backed out effortlessly. Using the suction cup that came with my iFixit Repair Kit, the screen dislodged with little effort. Lifting it up to the position perpendicular to the case took but seconds. All but one of the minuscule screws exited with ease. The obstreperous one yielded finally. Easy--so far.

From my online studies, I thought that I would skip the step where one removes the screen assembly entirely. Hey, why not just remove the battery and bypass the various connectors at device's top? Some video instructionals skipped those steps. Thanks to Mr. Galan, I followed everyone of his guidelines. I set the disconnected screen aside to move forward.

The step-by-step made it very clear that stretch-removing the double-stick tape could be vexing or a total FAIL. Yep, a vexing FAIL ensued despite my best efforts to slowly, slowly stretch the tape. With approximately one fourth of the first tape out, it separated just like that. I tried the second tape--same result.

Now here's where your assistance paid off large. Employing a hair dryer, I heated the back of the iPhone case as directed. With gentle leverage, the battery emerged enough to pry, pry again--more hair dryer air then more battery elevation. Three rounds of heating and elevation delivered the old battery somewhat bent and crinkled, but with its cover intact.

From then on, following the rebuild recipe in reverse, returned a restored iPhone 6 and renewed use for a fine device.

I thank you all at iFixit for the instructions, prompt service in dispatching my tool kit and new battery. To all at your company, I send best wishes.

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Well, considering that pesky extant double-stick battery tape choosing to be difficult, I strongly urge that one read all of Mr. Galan's iPhone 6 battery replacement instructions several times. Watch several how-to videos. Don't skip any of iFixit's steps in its instructional. Be patient. Keep track of those tiny screws minding their proper replacement. And be careful replacing the screen connectors to their respective "sockets." Line them up carefully and employ gentle finger pressure to resecure them.

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