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The good, the bad and the ugly

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iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

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Mijn probleem

Poor battery life, sudden shutdown and cheap replacement cost

Mijn oplossing

It is done and it works and so far so good. Few things though. It’s an all in one kit but the tools are the cheapest around. I had to resort to a high quality German brand screwdriver set that I had for years, without it I don’t think I would have been able to complete the battery replacement.

I had to go at it twice as I had a hard time keeping all 3 screen cables connected. I also lost 1 screw.

Having said all of that I’m happy I did it and I ordered a battery for my 4s because why not. I might even order a battery for an iPhone 5 that my wife used before she got her 7.

All of those are unused phones that are sitting in the drawer as a backup/ travel device.

It was fun despite a little of frustration and I would do it again. But not for my primary device

Mijn advies

Cheap quality screwdriver excercise caution. I would consider a craft magnifying device for future attempts. And while I’d do again for a backup unused device, I won’t do it for a primary device.

iPhone 5s Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 5s Replacement Battery


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