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Sansui AU-D77X

Ryan Michaelis -

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Mijn probleem

My old Sansui AU-D77X stereo power amp from the 1980's started to cut in and out. I just had to fix it do to I just love this old amp. I got the iFixit kit do to I needed a Security torx screw driver to open the amp.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went well this amp uses "Security torx screws" and I did not have a driver that would take out security torx screws. once my iFixit kit came that has a driver for security torx screws I was able to get in the amp I was able to fiend the problem and repair it it was a few bad connections. I was able to touch up with my soldering iron. It was my first time running into a home stereo amp that uses "Security torx screws"

Mijn advies

Advice if it is your first time working on things do not be afraid to ask for help Take your time, If you are going to be working on anything that has High voltage like some power amps old TV set's or Tube radios thin you may want to take it to a pro. If you can't fiend a pro to do the repair you can do it your self. Unplug it from the wall and "Discharge the capacitors", capacitors can store it's load for some time so take care! You can look up how to discharge a capacitor on youtube. And remember to have the right tool for the job and you should be all set.

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