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Pug's Disaster

Christopher Iddings -

Xbox One S

Afbeelding van het verhaal

Xbox One S IR Blaster Replacement

10 minuten


Mijn probleem

My wife's pug decided that lifting his leg and using my son's Xbox One S as a bathroom was a good idea. It wasn't. It also seemed to ruin the Xbox as it wouldn't turn on.

We live in a rural area, and other then the cost of a new Xbox, we also had to worry about how long it would take to re-download all game patches and mods we had installed. Our internet is satellite based and one game patch can put a significant dent in how many Gigs we are allowed a month.

So we used an iFixit guide to take apart the Xbox. We found the IR Sensor was corroded. We attempted to clean it but it still wouldn't work. So we ordered a new part from iFixit.

Mijn oplossing

The new IR Sensor arrived in a timely fashion. I believe about 4 days. It took us about 10 minutes to replace it and now his Xbox One S is working just fine. So, the new part cost less then $30 compared to a new Xbox One at several hundred. More importantly we saved several months worth of data usage. Most importantly we have a working Xbox One S again and it is not on the bottom shelf of our TV stand anymore.

Mijn advies

Place electronics high enough up that a Pug can't try to mark it.

Xbox One S RF Board and IR Blaster afbeelding
Xbox One S RF Board and IR Blaster


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