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Steep learning curve but so far so good.

William Sharman -

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

4 uren


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Battery draining irregularly and too quickly

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Steep learning curve--I will be able to do it in a very short time the next time... But this time, I had no idea about so many things, such as how to use the tools and deal with the tiny screws, what the adhesive strips were and were all about, and how long they were, and , and, and...

Then I lost at least an hour and a half on one screw, the one closest to the top of the phone. I just could not get it to go back in! I tried it a dozen times, then tried every other "long" screw to see if I had mixed up the screws somehow; then I tried forcing it, pressing it, angling it, but all to no avail. I then tried to insert a straight pin into the hole to see if anything had gotten into the hole and was obstructing the entrance of the screw. No help.

I then decided to simply leave that screw out (after starting and turning off the phone a couple of times to make sure it worked). So my phone now is "one screw short of an apple..."

Phone seems to be fine, and I am thrilled to have gone through the experience--really fun.

Mijn advies

For newbies like me, I say, 1. take your time; 2. play with the tools as much as you can; 3. Know that the easiest and quickest way to re-insert a screw is to pick it up with either the tweezers or your fingers, then put the screwdriver into the slot, then hold the driver and screw upright to make sure it is seated, then slowly turn it down and lower it into place in the spot for installing it; 3. Know that the adhesive strips run the entire length of the battery, and can be removed more easily if one knows this. The center strip is tricky. I would remove it 1/4" at a time, and begin lifting the battery as I went. I believe that would be best.

Finally, while it is extremely important to be careful with the phone on every turn, it is nice to know that the phone is tougher than we often think. In some sense...go after it!

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