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Apple Watch trifecta repair....success!

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Apple Watch

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Apple Watch Battery Replacement

2 uren


Mijn probleem

While checking the time on my 2.5 year old Apple Watch - original series one a couple weeks ago the watch face just fell off. Aparently the adhesive dried out and let go. Apple wanted the standard $250 to repair...yikes! I turned to the great folks at iFixit. I figured I would replace the battery at the same time. I also didn’t take any chance and also opted to replace the force sensor as well.

Mijn oplossing

It took about 2 hours to do the full battery, force sensor, and adhesive replacement. I was very careful and took my time. The repair guides were estremely helpful.

Mijn advies

Here is advice I would give to those getting ready to tackle this tri-fecta repair:

- Make sure you have at least 3 of the adhesive rings available. Replacing the force sensor take 2 minimum and, well, it’s easy to mess one up trying to place it during assembly.

- There is the one single screw. Recommend getting the the Tri-lobe Y000 tool. I manage with a very tiny flat blade jewler’s screwdriver but it was not easy.

- Be meticulous in cleaning the old glue. Recommend using something a bit stronger than alchohol to clean the gooey residue. I used lighter fluid (naptha) and it works far better.

Apple Watch (42 mm, Original & Series 1) Force Touch Sensor Adhesive Gasket afbeelding
Apple Watch (42 mm, Original & Series 1) Force Touch Sensor Adhesive Gasket


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Do you have any idea if the watch functions without a force touch sensor?

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