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PS4 Blu Ray player replacement

Jchristian -

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Over the summer my PS4 stopped recognizing discs. I opened it up, didn't see anything obviously mechanically wrong. Cleaned the lens, no luck. Tried various software fixes I found online, no luck. Finally admitted defeat and after much confusing research about the right model number, ordered a replacement from iFixit, where the order ended up being cheaper than anywhere else.

Mijn oplossing

After my experiences of opening up the PS4 over the summer, replacing the Blu Ray drive was a snap. Took maybe 20 minutes and worked like a charm.

Mijn advies

My model PS4 is the 12xx series, which doesn't require a Blu Ray drive motherboard like most YouTube videos say. You just need the replacement drive. Carefully pull the ribbons of the old drive directly out of the motherboard -- there's no unsnapping plastic connectors like you would expect. Slide the new drive ribbons into the old connectors on the motherboard, and that's it. Surprisingly easy.

PlayStation 4 SAC-001 Optical Drive Afbeelding
PlayStation 4 SAC-001 Optical Drive


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