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Careful with those Samsung adhesive-coated gaskets

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Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Display Assembly Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S5 Display Assembly Replacement

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It all started with the speakerphone not working. That seemed to be a reasonable repair, with the toughest part being removing the screen, which is held in place with an adhesive.

What I didn't expect was that this reconditioned phone had been worked on by an idiot who used a tube of glue to reassemble it. By the time I got it apart, the screen was a wreck. So, instead of less than twenty bucks for the repair, I'm now over a hundred due to the screen replacement.

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The hardest part of this repair probably will not be confronted by the gentle reader of this post. That was using a dentist's tooth scraper, tediously, to remove as much of the glue as possible -- especially around the edge where the screen seats. This activity doubled or tripled the time required for the repair. The glue also caused a couple of the boards to stick together, so that getting the back panel off was a hassle, requiring a tiny razor blade to separate them.

Other than that, the reassembly was mostly a piece of cake. A word of caution about the adhesive gasket that holds the new screen, though: I was hurrying a bit too much, so that I didn't remove all of the plastic strips that protect the adhesive. It was a bit of a mess to remove them after the initial installation.

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Familiarize yourself with the video, and you'll be fine. But beware, if your phone is reconditioned -- it might have been reassembled incorrectly.

Also, make sure to use the adhesive gasket that iFixit sells, and figure out how the protective strips come off BEFORE you make the first move toward attaching it to the phone.

(I realized as I was typing this that I did not view the entire iFixit screen replacement video, because I was relying on a video that explained loudspeaker replacement -- so I may have missed that crucial info.)

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