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IPad Air Battery Replacement

Ryan King -

iPad Air Wi-Fi

iPad Air Wi-Fi Battery Replacement

iPad Air Wi-Fi Battery Replacement

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Very difficult

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Our iPad was having difficulty initiating and completing a charge. After charging to 100% and removing from charger, power quickly dropped to nothing in a few minutes. I tried removing apps, resetting the iPad, and completing a full charge cycle. Nothing seemed to help and the iPad became unusable. Instead of shelling out over a hundred dollars to send the iPad in for repair/replacement, we figured it couldn't hurt trying to repair it using the ifixit kit as it was essentially a paper weight anyway.

Mijn oplossing

This was my first time cracking open and trying to fix anything this complex. The repair started off a little challenging. I spent about 30 minutes trying to remove the front panel by heating the iOpener and applying it to the panel. I didn't have much success using this method to loosen the adhesive. I then broke out a heat gun set on low. Using a heat gun I was able to loosen the adhesive on the front panel and open it within a few minutes. The suction cup, opening picks and other tools that came with the kit worked great. The step by step guide was well laid out and easy to follow. The only other challenge I found was prepping for the new adhesive strips. I cleaned off the black portion of the adhesive, but there was a tacky clear adhesive residue left on the surfaces. I tried cleaning this off using isopropanol, but didn't have much success removing it. I decided to hold off on applying the new adhesive strips and instead just replaced the front panel using just the remaining tackiness from the old adhesive to seal the front panel. This seams to have worked well, making a tight seal. Considering we keep the iPad in an otterbox case I wasn't very concerned that the front panel would come loose and fall out. I charged the iPad up to 100% and then worked on draining the battery back to 0% by playing some Netflix movies. It took over 8 hrs of constant usage before finally running the battery down. So far the repair seems to have worked very well and at a fraction of the cost of sending the iPad in for repair.

Mijn advies

There are a number of small screws of various sizes that will need to be removed and replaced during reassembly. They are extremely small and easy to loose/confuse. Have a number of small sealable containers well labeled and organized that you can store the screws in to ensure they are not lost and that you replace the correct screw. I wrapped the screws in pieces of labeled painters tape, which did the job for not loosing anything.

Be careful when inserting the opening picks to not insert too far. There is a delicate foam strip along the inside edge of the front panel that insulates it from contact with the LCD. It is easy to tear up this foam strip when separating the front panel.

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