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Successfully replaced broken L6 G6 back glass

Scott Hinrichs -


LG G6 Rear Glass Replacement

LG G6 Rear Glass Replacement

45 minuten


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Dropped phone resulted in broken rear glass.

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Frankly, I was so scared that I would damage my phone that I avoided doing the repair for weeks. I was not born with the handyman gene and have had some unfortunate experiences in the past. I was also spooked because the replacement back glass I bought had a different kind of adhesive design than was shown most replacement instructions I could find on the internet. But I finally decided that I needed to undertake the repair, as I was unwilling to pay a professional to do it. I bought Tesa 61395 Tape shown in the parts section of the guide, because I figured that I could use it to supplement the adhesive that came with the new cover.

I used a heat gun instead of using the iOpener heating pad, taking care to heat the rear only enough to loosen the cover adhesive. I also watched several videos before starting, because I was pretty uncomfortable even attempting this repair. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the halberd spudger loosened the rear cover, button bracket, button and chip. That was the end of the instructions in the guide, although, it was also necessary to remove the camera glass.

The guide's instructions for applying the new rear cover to the phone were boiled down to a single terse sentence. That's probably fine for people who are comfortable working on electronics. For me it felt like being left adrift in the middle of the ocean. Some specifics would have been greatly appreciated. Fortunately, online videos provided the missing instructions, enabling me to complete the repair. I was very pleased with the result.

Mijn advies

I would definitely consider using a heat gun (if available) instead of the iOpener heating pad. I was able to use the spudger to remove the rear cover after heating the broken rear cover for 30 seconds on the gun's lowest setting. It would have taken much longer had I used the heating pad.

The Tesa 61395 Tape came in handy, but I wish I had bought the 2mm width tape instead of 1mm. The hardest part of the repair for me was getting the very fine tape strips into place and then removing the protective paper from the strips. Perhaps my fine motor skills are poor, but handling the narrow tape proved challenging for me, even with good tools.

Once I had the new cover in place, I again briefly used the heat gun to warm up the new adhesive (which was built into the new cover I bought) to achieve a good seal. Again, I feel the guide's instructions for applying the new cover were very inadequate. I was grateful for instructional videos to fill the gap.

Tesa 61395 Tape afbeelding
Tesa 61395 Tape


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