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Mijn probleem

I was given this PS3 and it wouldn’t turn on, looking on the outside it was completely blocked by dust. I could’ve done the repair myself without this tool kit however i didn’t have a T5/8 or whichever it was. I could’ve bummed one from work however my coworkers are poor at replacing things. STRONGLY RECOMEND THE BIT SET ITSELF, if you have the other stuff at your place that is that the pro tech comes with. However I’m a traveling tech so this kit works perfectly for me.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went rather swell. I am a device repair tech at my job and have been fixing phones and tablets for a year. So i have more background on these kind of things i guess, however with the manual and just remembering screw positioning and layout the repair will go rather smoothly for anyone.

Mijn advies

When removing things for someone whose new to this work i would strongly recommend that you personally take multiple pictures to know where your at. The manual itself has great images, however on the to antenna cables the white and black one it doesn’t give good orientation of the line up. you have to look back a little and really zoom in on that photo to see how it’s supposed to go.

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