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Fixed diigitizer but broke LCD

Owen Stevens -

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

2 uren


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The digitizer (screen) was broken.

Mijn oplossing

Went fair but I was too rough with the LCD and broke it. I was rough with the LCD because the back light did not at first light. You have to disconnect the battery before LCD and digitizer but I missed that the first time through. So the back light was not working. Googled that an a lot of people said it was a fuse. Nope! Thankfully it was just a breaker/sensor/doodad that reset if you do the correct order. To correct I took it apart again and this time disconnected the battery first and then LCD and digitizer and then reversed. Back light then worked. I ended up with a $60 Amazon LCD because your cheap one was sold out.

Mijn advies

The battery disconnect stop needs MORE EMPHASIS because if you don't do that step before unplugging the LCD and digitizer the back light will be off and you will think you failed when in reality you just need to disconnect the battery it and try again.

Use a heat gun. The iOpener takes too dang long. My heat gun did the adhesive softening lickety split!

iPad mini 1/2 Screen afbeelding
iPad mini 1/2 Screen


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