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The Jimmy is the tool

Tom Kirsch -

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My 2006 iPOD Classic battery failed and need to replace it

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Replacing the battery in an iPOD classic is considered very difficult. I had replaced the battery in an iPOD Mini with no trouble. So how hard was it? Not too bad with the iFixit Jimmy tool. Others suggest exacto knives, puddy knives, small screw drivers, guitar picks and Pepsi cans as separator tools. You only need the Jimmy. I was able to separate the case in three minutes or so following the procedure shown in youtube video ( http://youtu.be/6aQn-HkvtvM ). Where I had trouble was with the new battery cable. It took me three tries to where the battery cable would remain clamped in the connector as I closed the case. Hence I use the Jimmy to open the case tree times before I got it!

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This repair does require sufficient study on how to remove the battery so that you understand the process before you start. There was one doofus on youtube that took 18 minutes fiddling before he was able to crack the case. A good example of what can happen if you don't understand what the goal is.

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Best tool to buy, simply amazing thank you ifixit and indeed I fixed it :D.

Jose Luis Guevara JR - Antwoord

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