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Replacing swollen battery on Late-2013 Macbook Pro

Daniel Draper -

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013 Battery Replacement

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013 Battery Replacement

2 uren


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Trackpad had become unclickable in most areas. Trying to drag and drop almost impossible due to random unexpected drops.

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Time consuming but very straight forward by simply following the excellent descriptions provided by iFixit. Was done and fully functional in under 2 hours. As was recommended on several youtube videos, I went directly from removing back of case and brushing dust from inside to disconnecting the battery and removing the two screws holding the battery "strap" in place. I skipped all the intermediary parts removal. I knew the risks that path presented but was willing to take those risks in lieu of possible damages which might be done during the lengthly parts removal and replacement process. As it turned out, that decision paid off (but it may not for others). Putting the tin foil between the keypad and screen was a good suggestion since even then a small amount of solvent got through to the trackpad side but didn't get to any keys. All in all it went much easier and better than I ever expected. Tedious but very do-able by just methodically paying attention. I am very grateful that iFixIt is around to provide this OPTION to people like me who do NOT like handing our hardware and DATA to the friendly repairmen and also charge us 10+ times what would be a reasonable cost for such a repair. We are lucky someone is willing to provide such an excellent service at such a reasonable cost. THANKS iFixIt. 5-STARS!!!

Mijn advies

Yes. Something happen to me that I didn't expect and hadn't seen anyone else report in their comments even on youtube. Everything (appeared at first) to be working flawlessly after the installation, testing, and final buttoning up the case. The battery was showing a 63% charge afterwards and was showing a normal rate for recharge throughout the afternoon. However, late that evening I looked over at the charger cable connector and the LED was a Purple-ish Red. I'd expected to see GREEN or ORANGE but had never seen that reddish color before. After much googling, and wading through the usual rash of confusing and conflicting "friendly advice" which is abundantly pervasive on the www, I came to the conclusion that I needed to RESET the SMC (System Management Controller). I went through the steps necessary to do that for my Late-2013 MBpro and ALAS the RED led was still there. Back to Google. Then, many people had said it may be necessary to also RESET PRAM. So, went through those steps and followed that by also going through the RESET SMC again. VOILA!! No more purpleishRed led. Only Orange & Green now. Everything is working GREAT and has continued that way.

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