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Xbox One controller button refresh

Loki07STi -

Xbox One Wireless Controller Model 1537

Xbox One Wireless Controller Buttons Replacement

Xbox One Wireless Controller Buttons Replacement

35 minuten

Very easy

Mijn probleem

After using the same controller for a couple of years the buttons had lost their crisp activation when pressed. Was not really a huge issue, but was a slight annoyance for the entirety of anytime I would use it. Instead of spending $60 for a new controller or the $30+ MS would charge to repair it I decided to just order the part and do it myself.

Mijn oplossing

The Xbox One controller was probably one of the easiest electronic device to open that I have ever disassembled (aside from the rumble motors, but I never use rumble so I just removed them). Took a bit over half an hour from start to finish. If you are following a guide or have a decent understanding of disassembling electronics then it will be easy.

Mijn advies

Typical disassembly tips, sort and label screws when you remove them, keep parts organized, and if your controller is as old and used as mine is then take some time and clean the shell just for a more refreshed feel. Great method to refresh a controller back to it's near factory state without spending too much money.

Xbox One Controller Action Button Gasket afbeelding
Xbox One Controller Action Button Gasket


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