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Glue strips are strong, darn it!

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iPhone 6

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Battery

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Mijn probleem

Battery was going dead. Wouldn’t hold its charge very long and would go dead at “30%”

Mijn oplossing

Went well! Had trouble removing one of the glue strips but got it out eventually. See below.

Mijn advies

One on the glue strips snapped as I was taking it off and I couldn’t get it off properly for a while. I didn’t try the heat treatment to soften it up. Had to bend the battery back and tried to just force it off, thinking that would work since the other strip did come out. No dice. Even one strip makes it really difficult to remove the battery, even if you don’t care if you ruin it. But as I bent the battery back, I was able to see the strip and grab part of it with tweezers and then start pulling it off again, which finally came out. Lesson: when pulling the strip off, be sure to stretch it out laterally a good amount before you start the turn around the corner. Don’t be afraid to see it stretch as it’s pretty durable and you need to pull enough of it out and get the process going and it will steadily come out.

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