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Channeling my grandfather in the information age.

Kimberly MacDonald -

iPhone 6s

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iPhone 6s Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

40 minuten


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My iPhone 6s wasn't charging when connected to the lightning cable

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The repair manual was outstanding. I followed the instructions step by step and now have a perfectly working iPhone that connects to the lightning cable and fully charges.

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My phone was less than 2 years old but beyond warranty. It was no longer charging so I took it to the Apple Store for diagnosis and repair. I waited 3 hours before I could see a tech who then quickly told me that my lightning port was broken and could not be fixed by Apple. My hope that it was simply some lint plugging up the port vanished. They offered me a new 6s for $300 and 90 day warranty or I could upgrade. I did not need or want an upgrade. I couldn't fathom paying so much for another phone that would likely encounter the same problem. I left without a working phone. I stewed about it for days and then thought about my grandfather who could fix anything. Yes, that’s the answer. Fix it myself. My family thought I had gone mad. I’d never tried to fix an electronic device in my life. Google quickly brought me to iFixit. I ordered the parts which arrived very quickly and followed the manual. Viola! My iPhone is fixed. Grandpa would be proud. Thank you iFixit!

p.s. the ice cube tray works very well for keeping all the tiny screws organized.

iPhone 6s Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack afbeelding
iPhone 6s Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


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A great narrative.  Here is the message:  Don’t just settle.  Take a chance.  Trust your intuition.  Just do it.  Alright, enough with the overused/abused metaphors.  You presented a concise account of your experience with iFixit, your success, and a moving tribute to your fix anything Grandpa!  Thank you to iFixit, Grandpa, and Kimberly.  The lesson:  Trust yourself.  Trust iFixit.

Sally MacDonald - Antwoord

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