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Field Deployment of $50,000 Appliances (Yes, Plural)

Chris Pilcher -

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I've been an iFixit user for a long time. I had the original Pro Tech Toolkit way back when I was a freelance computer builder and repair tech. However, over the years, my kit started to not be enough. When I started my new job as a Cyber Security Engineer, I immediately ordered the new Pro Tech Toolkit. I needed to know that I would be completely prepared for whatever could come up.

And it's a good thing, too. A couple weeks ago, I was tasked with installing forty $15,000 NICs into forty $50,000 cyber security appliances.

The rub?

They use all kinds of different connectors and screws, to protect from curious IT workers.

Mijn oplossing

Luckily, everything I needed was in the kit. And this included multiple (yes, multiple) of the new bits in the 64-bit driver kit. The ESD strap is miles ahead of what we were offered on-site (the NICs came with adhesive, paper ESD straps that tear at the slightest breeze). Even the suction cup, which is intended for use on phone screens, helped me jerry rig a sort of jig to align the NICs perfectly, avoiding any possibility of them flexing and breaking and costing my client $15,000 (okay, they could probably get them RMA'd. The downtime would have been expensive, though).

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My advice is simply to get this kit. I've been using it and its ancestor for a long time now. There's no better kit out there for your average computer technician, and while, for a lot of use cases at my current job, I often reach for a heftier screw driver (My Stanley is a lifesaver), anyone who ever touches a computer should have this kit. Mine was paid for by my new company, and I owe them at least a few years extra just for that sixty dollar purchase.

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