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Replacing the iPhone 6 Plus Front Camera and Sensor Cable

Mark Newton -

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Front Facing Camera and Sensor Assembly Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Front Facing Camera and Sensor Assembly Replacement

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Mijn probleem

Siri and forward camera video couldnt hear me.

Mijn oplossing

Removing the front screen was easy enough although the spudger isnt as good as the ifixit opening tool (isnt sharp enough).

Removing the old assembly was simple enough too, just make sure that when you remove a screw, you put it down is a way that lets you know which screw go's where. They differ in length...

Anyway, when pulling the old part out, I discovered that the speaker mesh that attaches to the microphone is only attached with a mild sticky tape. When I looked at my new screen (also being replaced) the speaker mesh was new and in place. It's hard to describe but essentially, you end up sticking the microphone part (about 1/16" square so hard to manipulate) to the mesh without really knowing if you're positioning it correctly. There's no click or position that it should clearly go in. just press and hope it works... Mine did.

You'll also have to pay VERY close attention to the way the wiring on the old part must bend over in places before it clips into place. You'll also have to figure out for yourself which layer to position the wiring because that's not described anywhere for you either.

Tip - Just pay close attention to your old phone parts as you remove them and dont throw anything away until the job is done. You'll spend time looking at the old part and how it needs to fit to get the new one to fit.


Mijn advies

Use a piece of tape, sticky side up and place those tiny screws on the tape where they go when you put them back.

Use an opening tool when there's litle space to pry something up rather than the spudger.

keep the old parts for reference until you're done.

Be extremely aware of the light tension you apply to screws as you tighten them into place, they can strip threads in the blink of an eye, Dont over tighten them, dont worry, they will hold perfectly well.

Make notes, work on a large flat surface and make sure you have plenty of space.

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