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Fixed my GPS by replacing the F-shaped antenna.

Richard Spagna -

iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

50 minuten


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I first noticed that my phone was unable to use location based services properly when using Google Maps to navigate. The phone could not pinpoint my location, turning off wifi confirmed that the GPS was not working properly. I searched some online forums and people suggested replacing this antenna.

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The iFixit guide was super helpful and it didn't skip any steps. The only issue I ran into was when I removed the old flex antenna. There was a small piece of gray foam that was supposed to be stuck over the gold contact point in the antenna. I'm not sure if this piece of foam is supposed to be an insulator or shield for the antenna, but it had slipped off of the contact on the old antenna (which may have been why I could no longer get a signal. The new antenna did not come with the foam piece, and I was not sure if it was important or not as it was not mentioned in the guide. I ended up reusing the piece from the old antenna but the adhesive on it was less than idea..

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Make sure to sort out all the screws you pull by steps. Or you may want to pay attention to the guide and label all the screws by length. Either way, you should read ahead and be sure to have a plan to organize all of the screws you will encounter in this repair before you get started.

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