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iPhone 6 Antenna flex cable and battery replacement

michael flannery -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

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Battery was "consumed" in the words of the technician at the Apple Store and it would die very quickly. Also I lost wifi, navigation, and Bluetooth which I read on this site that many had fixed that problem with the antenna flex cable. Apple tech said they could not replace the battery because my iPhone 6 had a bend in the aluminum case as a lot of them do. He stated because of the bend the screen would no snap back into place if taken apart. So he said pretty much my only option would be to replace my phone.

Mijn oplossing

I ordered the antenna flex cable, battery and tool kit and performed the repair myself. I even was able to bend the aluminum case back straight while it was all apart. With the instructions on the site and the tool kit I had everything I needed aside from one thing (a very small flathead screwdriver to remove one threaded insert) but luckily I had one. The repair went flawlessly. I repaired my phone for $50 rather then $299 for an apple exchange replacement or $749-$999 for an upgrade. Thanks so much for all the info on this site and parts provided.

Mijn advies

Pay close attention to screw length and location when removed. Also take your time be patient and wear gloves to keep oils from your skin off electronically parts. If u have some mechanical ability and patience you will not have a problem

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