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How to Play iTunes Videos on Android Devices

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Android Device Manager - Bypass Screen Lock on any Android Device

Android Device Manager - Bypass Screen Lock on any Android Device

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As an ITunes video addict, the good news is that everyone is able to play iTunes movies and TV episodes on their Apple devices, such as iPhone, ipad and iPod touch. In addition, it also allows you to authorize up to five computers with their iTunes-linked Apple ID, which means you can enjoy your purchased and rented iTunes digital media files with others on other devices. But the bad news is that iTunes movies and TV shows purchased and rented are not available for playing on Apple-approved devices, such as Android phones and tablets due to the FairPlay DRM copyright technology.

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More and more software companies have discovered the demand of customers and developed some wonderful tools to make it possible. Please read on this article, and you will a good way to transfer iTunes DRM videos to Android phones and tablets.

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With built-in innovative decryption of DRM, iTunes DRM removal http://www.drmare.com/ for Windows/Mac maybe the easiest software I have ever used, you can simply download it to test its power performance. Even you have no technical knowledge of using the software, you can control it with ease. In general, with this smart iTunes removal tool, you can convert iTunes videos to Android videos with 1-2-3-4 steps.

Step 1Add iTunes Movies to the converting list

Simply click ‘Add Files’ button at the bottom left to open the iTunes library and then check the box in front of the files you want, then click ‘Add’ button to import.

Step 2Customize the output format for your Android

Please go to the ‘Devices’ tab of the software to see if your Android phone or tablet is listed or not, if yes, you can select it accordingly. Else you can return to the ‘HD Video’ or 'General Video' tab to choose MP4 for any Android devices.

Step 3Export your personalized videos

When you finish the settings, please press the conversion button, this smart software will convert the videos to the ones you customized and the output videos should be DRM free and work for your Android devices.

Step 4Transfer DRM-free iTunes videos to Android

There are two ways for you to convert DRM-free iTunes videos to Android phones and tablets. The first way is to use a free Android transferring App for help in a flexible way. There are several free Android transferring Apps recommended, such as Airdroid, SuperBeam, Sync Cshare, Xender, ES File Explorer File Manager, ShareIt, etc, which are all free of charge and you can download them online. Or if you don’t want to have an extra app, you can also connect your Android devices to the computer to transfer iTunes videos directly. Just open the Android device folder after connecting to your computer. Then you can copy video files from the computer to the devices.

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