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Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 screen assembly swap

sethhusk12 -

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Cracked digitizer, gauges on frame

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Went pretty good, couldn't find a complete teardown(guide is blank on here) so I took it slow starting with the micro USB cable (used the guide on here) disconnected digitizer and swapped cable for the LCD. Disconnected the speakers and cameras and what I believe is a light sensor,unscrewed motherboard and removed. Power/volume cable came out easily, just a little bit of prying with the tip of a spudger. Speakers were a little tricky, seems to be a small amount of adhesive holding those in. Used the replacement part for clues on angle of attack. The speaker on the side with the headphone jack was bit intimidating since i couldn't see how it was connected but take your time and work most of the speaker loose and the Jack should lift right off. I originally was going to do just the digitizer which there is a guide for but apparently this tab had already had one swapped previously and they used an Epoxy adhesive or something similar so that wasn't an option. The assembly from I fix it was listed as B grade but I would say it was closer to A condition.

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Get the assembly and swap the cables, will make for a better looking repair

Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Screen afbeelding
Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Screen


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