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iPhone 6 Battery & Rear Camera Replacement

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iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 Rear Facing Camera Replacement

45 minuten


Mijn probleem

So, this is a second hand iPhone I got from a family friend. They had bent it, but they got a good deal on a 7, so they didn't need the 6 anymore. So, there are a couple of problems with it. 1. The battery is bad. This is expected with iPhone 6's, but I had come from a 4S with a new battery, so this surprised me. 2. The camera/flash doesn't work. I'm assuming it's because that's the corner where the phone is bent, and people have said if you replace the camera, the flash will work. So I'm hoping that this is the case. 3. I'm not fixing this right now, but in the corner where the phone is bent (the top right), a purple spot shows up. It's barely noticeable, and that's why I've decided not to replace it.

Mijn oplossing

So, the actual repair went ok. I took out the pentalobe screws, used my iSclack, and took the battery and screen connectors out without a hitch. I decided to go with the battery first, because why not? This is where it got tricky. Those little pull tabs, while they make it easier to repair, for a first-timer like me, it was pretty hard to get them out. I ended up having to use my iOpener, and it still didn't come off, so I brought out some of my metal tools. After a lot of prying, the battery finally came out. Next, I put the new battery in. It wasn't too bad, but the adhesive got stuck on its own plastic, so it got a bit bunched up. It still works, but it's not exactly pretty. The camera replacement went off without a hitch, but make sure you put the battery bracket on the right way!

Mijn advies

Just follow the instructions and you should be fine. Be careful of taking out the adhesive strips, or have an iOpener on hand.

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Good job for accepting the handed down phone instead of buying a new one. recycle and reuse!

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